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Part of the 2019 London Flamenco Festival

Nanako Aramaki – flamenco dance
Natasha Gilbert – spoken word
Adrian Sola – guitar
Antonio ‘Pumuki’ Moreno – percussion

Wednesday 10 July 2019
Doors open 7PM
Show starts 7:30PM

Rich Mix
35 ‑ 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
Tel: 020 7613 7498

£12 Advance / £15 Door
Tickets available online

A flamenco dancer, spoken word artist, guitarist and percussionist join on stage to explore Obliqueffect: the altering of perspective when one or a group of artists breaks tradition. Join Nanako Aramaki, Natasha Gilbert, Adrian Sola and Antonio ‘Pumuki’ Moreno on this exciting new flamenco show where boundaries, rules and borders of multiple artforms are crossed over, without being crossed out.

This project was started by Japanese-Canadian flamenco dancer, Nanako Aramaki, and Jewish-English spokenword artist, Natasha Gilbert. With a desire to blend forms and challenge conventions, Nanako, with her classically trained background in piano and dance, and Natasha, a multi-instrumentalist and singer who writes and recites her own poetry, present this collaboration as part of the 2019 London Flamenco Festival’s programme.

Joining them musically are Adrian Sola, a London-based flamenco guitarist and composer from Barcelona, and Antonio ‘Pumuki’ Moreno, Berlin-based percussionist, sound engineer and producer from Murcia.

FURAMENKO at Peña Flamenca de Londres

FURAMENKO - Peña Flamenca de Londres - Nanako Aramaki, Ricardo Garcia, Masaki Otawa

Ricardo Garcia – guitar
Nanako Aramaki – flamenco dance
Masaki Otawa – cajón

Sunday 10 March 2019
Doors open 7pm
Show 7.45pm

Church Hall of the Holy Apostles
Cumberland Street (Lupus St. end)
London, SW1V  4LY

Members £5
Non-members £15
Purchase advance tickets on Eventbrite

Following their recent tour of Japan, the trio will be bringing their unique and extraordinary sound to the UK. Blending virtuoso guitar, percussion and uplifting dance, FURAMENKO is a one-of-a-kind show that explores flamenco’s strong ties to the land of the rising sun.

Flamenco Jazz Japan

Flamenco Jazz Japan 20-28 October 2018 Tokyo, Chiba, Gunma

Nanako is excited to announce that she will be touring Japan with Ricardo Garcia, Yuichiro Tokuda and Masaki Otawa this October.

Ricardo Garcia – guitar
Yuichiro Tokuda – saxophone
Masaki Otawa – percussion/taiko
Nanako Aramaki – flamenco dance

国際的に活躍するサックス奏者”徳田 雄一郎”と、本場・スペインから来日、世界的フラメンコギタリスト”Ricardo Garcia”による”フラメンコジャズ” コラボレーション。3年ぶりとなる日本ツアー第二弾。今回も日本を代表する和太鼓奏者”大多和 正樹”が参加。更に、ロンドンを拠点とし世界的に活躍する日本人女性フラメンコダンサー”Nanako Aramaki” の参加が決定!本物のフラメンコと、ジャズサックス&和太鼓という 3年前、多くの観衆を魅了したスペシャルコラボレーション再演!

千葉幕張 イオンモール幕張新都心 グランドモール3F LIVE KITCHEN / WEEKEND LIVE JAZZ
<1st>18:00~ / <2nd>19:00~ / <3rd>20:00~

10月21日(日)「観音山  風車」
18時開場  18時30分開演
ディナーショー (食事込み) 6,000円

東京神楽坂 The Glee
18:30開場 19:30開演
前売4,000円 当日4,500円
ご予約のお問い合わせは 03-5261-3124

横浜 岩間市民プラザ
19:00開場 19:30開演
全席自由 \3,000-
チケットのお問い合わせは 045-337-0011

昼公演 @ 東京_勝どき 勝どきサロン
◇会費:6千円 食事付き
◇募集人数 20名 満員になり次代締め切ります。
◇申込受付:斎藤晴朗 E-Mail

夜公演 @ 東京_銀座 南蛮1934
SHOW 1st_18:30~19:30 / 2nd_20:00~21:00
ご予約のお問い合わせは ‭03-3571-7686‬

群馬県高崎市問屋町4-3-2 [サイクルヨシダ高崎店 2F]
13時45分開場  14時開演
ライブコンサート  (全席自由)    当日  3,500円   /   予約  3,000円
ご予約のお問い合わせは: 090-9963-4222

Flamenco Global in London

Flamenco Global Rich Mix 14 October 2018 London

Ricardo and Nanako are bringing their popular Fringe show to the Rich Mix in London. They will be joined by virtuoso bassist Adolfredo Pulido and the talented percussionist Demi Garcia Sabat.

Guitar: Ricardo Garcia
Dance: Nanako Aramaki
Bass: Adolfredo Pulido
Percussion: Demi Garcia Sabat

14 October 2018 –  7pm 

Rich Mix
35 ‑ 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
Tel: 020 7613 7498

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Flamenco Global 2018 - Ricardo Garcia's Flamenco Flow with Nanako Aramaki

Nanako will be performing with Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow in the following shows:

Flamenco Global

12-27 August 2018 @ 18:30
C Venues – C (Chambers Street, EH1 1HR)
More info and tickets:

Flamenco Jazz Japan

14-18 August 2018 @ 22:35
C Venues – C Too (St Columba’s by the Castle, Johnston Terrace/Victoria Terrace, EH1 2PW)
More info and tickets: 

La Monarca BC Tour 2018 with Flamenco Rosario

Nanako was one of the featured solo artists in Flamenco Rosario’s production of La Monarca.

Made In BC Dance On Tour:

April 5, 2018 | Rotary Centre For The Arts | Kelowna, BC – Performance @ 7:30 PM

April  7, 2018 | Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre | Revelstoke, BC – Performance @ 7:30 PM

April  9, 2018 | Frank Venebles Theatre | Oliver, BC – Performance @ 7:30 PM

April 11, 2018 | Glenwood Hall | Smithers, BC – Performance @ 7:30 PM

April 14, 2018 | Mount Elizabeth Theatre | Kitimat, BC – Performance @ 8:00 PM

For more info in Flamenco Rosario, please visit:

Recuerdos – SOLD OUT!!!

Recuerdos Flamencokonzert Berlin March 2018

Baile: Nanako Aramaki
Cante: María Mellado Prenda
Guitarra: Josel Ratsch
Percussion: Antonio Moreno Pumuki

3 March 2018 – 20:00
Fliegendes Theater
Urbanstr. 100, 10967 Berlin

VVK: 15 / 17€
AK: 17 / 19€

Vivencias – Agujetas Chico

Vivencias - Agujetas Chico in Berlin

Cante & Guitarra: Agujetas Chico
Percussion: Juanki Montero
Baile: Nanako Aramaki
Guitarra: Valle Monje

18 November 2017 – 19:00 – doors open at 18:00
Peña Flamenca Pata Negra
Freienwalder Straße 20, 13359 Berlin
Tickets at 0172 463 1954 or

Compañía Nanako Aramaki at the
Peña Flamenca de Londres

Baile: Nanako Aramaki
Cante: María Mellado Prenda
Guitarra: Josel Ratsch & Matthew Birch

10 September 2017 – doors open at 7pm 
Church Hall of the Holy Apostles
Cumberland Street (Lupus St. end)
London, SW1V  4LY

Members £5
Non-members £12
Purchase advance tickets on Eventbrite.

Nanako Aramaki at the Peña Flamenca de Londres

Baile: Nanako Aramaki
Guitarra: Tony el Despeinao, Zayn Mohammed
Cante: Julio López, Fernando de Sevilla

11.9.2016 – 20:00 – London
Church Hall of the Holy Apostles
Cumberland Street (Lupus St. end)
London, SW1V  4LY


13.6.2016 – 20:00 – Dresden
Dresden Kleines Haus
Glacisstraße 28
01099 Dresden
0351 491 3555
Preise: 22€ / ermäßigt 16€

AUSTRIA TOUR – Flamenco por los Cuatro Costaos

Baile: Nanako Aramaki
Cante: Juan Cárdenas
Percussion: Claudio Spieler
Guitar: Ulrich Gottwald „El Rizos“

20.11.2015 – 18:30 – Linz
GfK (Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik)
Landstraße 36/3
4020 Linz

23.11.2015 – 20:00 – Vienna
Sargfabrik Kulturhaus
Goldschlagstraße 169
1140 Wien

12.9.2015 – 27.9.2015

Fast-Forward Rewind by Flamenco Rosario
26.9.2015 8PM Waterfront Theatre
Purchase tickets here.

5.8.2015 – 31.8.2015

Flamenco Global
Dates, times, and tickets:

Flamenco for Kids
Dates, times, and tickets:

Flamenco Escocia
Dates, times, and tickets: and