Nanako Aramaki - London-based flamenco dancer

Nanako Aramaki is a Japanese-Canadian flamenco dancer based in London, UK. Her flamenco career thus far has taken her to teach and perform on four continents.

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Nanako began her dance and music training there in ballet and piano at an early age. She was introduced to flamenco by her mentors Rosario Ancer and Victor Kolstee at the age of 16. Within four years Nanako would take the stage as a professional dancer with the Flamenco Rosario Dance Company. With this company, Nanako performed throughout Canada and Mexico with the award-winning show “Mis Hermanas”.

The catalyst for Nanako’s advancement in flamenco was the completion of the 9-month advanced dance program at the Cristina Heeren Flamenco Foundation in Seville, Spain. Her teachers included renowned artists Milagros Menjibar, Rafael Campallo, Ursula Lopez, and Carmen Ledesma. Since then, Nanako has continued to study with other flamenco greats, such as Concha Jareño, Pastora Galvan, Pilar Ortega, Adela Campallo, Miguel Vargas, Pilar Ogalla, and Andrés Peña.

In recent years, Nanako has performed and taught workshops in Germany, Scotland, Denmark, Kenya, Zanzibar, and the UK. In Germany, Nanako has danced with various groups including Quejio, Compañia Flamenco Azul, and the Ensemble of Benares. She co-produced and choreographed the show “Alas y Olas” with Raphaela Stern in 2013 and toured Germany with the show in 2014. Nanako is an active member of Mestizo Flamenco in Germany and the Flamenco Rosario Dance Company in Canada. She also tours regularly with flamenco guitarist Ricardo Garcia whom she worked with in the 2015 & 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He also took her on a tour of Japan in October 2018, performing alongside Japanese musicians Yuichiro Tokuda (saxaphonist) and Masaki Otawa (taiko drummer).

Nanako’s greatest career accomplishment thus far as been the presentation of her new contemporary show “Obliqueffect” in the 2019 London Flamenco Festival. This was a collaboration between multiple disciplines and culture, partnering with Natasha Gilbert (spokenword artist and singer), Adrian Sola (guitarist), and Antonio “Pumuki” Moreno (percussionist).

Nanako continues to actively tour internationally with her various groups. For more information, please visit the performances and classes pages.