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Obliqueffect | Nanako Aramaki | flamenco dancer

Nanako Aramaki is a Japanese-Canadian flamenco dancer who has performed internationally across four continents. Some of her greatest professional achievements include presenting her contemporary flamenco show “Obliqueffect” at the 2019 London Flamenco Festival, touring Japan, Europe, and East Africa with Ricardo Garcia, dancing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and touring across Canada and Mexico with Flamenco Rosario.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Nanako and her family moved to Vancouver, Canada, at the age of 3. There she began her dance and music training in ballet and piano at an early age, providing her with a foundation to flourish in the art of flamenco. Under Rosario Ancer and Victor Kolstee’s mentorship, Nanako began her professional dance career at the age of 20 in 2003. Pursuing her dream, she moved to Spain in September 2006, completing a 9-month advanced dance program at the Cristina Heeren Flamenco Foundation in Seville. Her teachers included renowned artists Milagros Menjibar, Rafael Campallo, Ursula Lopez, and Carmen Ledesma. Thanks to her training in Spain, Nanako has become famous for her “bata de cola” choreographies and her use of props such as the abanico and manton.

In her hometown, Vancouver, she has performed extensively with Flamenco Rosario, being featured in the Vancouver Flamenco Festivals and the Cuadro Flamenco series. The award-winning Flamenco Rosario production “Mis Hermanas” took Nanako on a tour of Mexico in the fall of 2010.

Nanako lived in Berlin, Germany from 2011 to 2014, where she taught and performed extensively. Her various projects took her to perform throughout Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, and Zwickau. She is most proud of her and Raphaela Stern’s show “Alas y Olas” and the shows her group “Mestizo” organised across Germany. In 2017, she was asked to teach full time at Berlin’s largest flamenco school Centro Flamenco for 6 months during the director’s maternity leave.

From 2015 to 2021, Nanako called London her home. In the capital of England, she taught at Escuela de Baile, UK’s largest flamenco school. She performed regularly at Bar Gansa, Salvador y Amanda, and Peña Flamenca de Londres. Her greatest professional achievement has been presenting her contemporary flamenco show “Obliqueffect” at the 2019 London Flamenco Festival.

Nanako now resides in Tokyo, Japan.